Renal Diet & Dialysis Info

We already know that a special renal diet can truly help you in controlling the buildup of the waste products as well as the fluids in your blood and in decreasing the workload of your kidney as well. It may also help you to slow down the loss of the function of your kidney. Other than that, the main goal of the renal diet is for you to keep healthy and a good renal diet include the control of taking the fluids, potassium, phosphorous and sodium or salt. This article will tackle about the best recipes for a good renal diet, so it would be great if you were also going to read this one.
In terms of the protein, pre-dialysis patients are often asked to limit the protein that they are going to intake in their renal diet in order also to slow the progression of the kidney diseases and this will just only change with the start of the dialysis because of the fact that, after the dialysis, the patient would now need to have much more protein in their renal diets. Other than that, those patients who are on the peritoneal dialysis will also need to have even higher protein because a large amount of protein can also be a lost in the peritoneal fluid, which is discarded.
First is proteins, that found in two types of foods:
1.    In the large amounts of food from the animal sources such as the meat, seafood, poultry, milk, eggs, cheese and any other type of a dairy product.
2.    In smaller amounts of food that can be found on the plant sources such as the breads, cereals, grains, other starches and even in the vegetables and fruits.

Other than that, you have also to keep in mind that the intake of the potassium in your renal diet will also needs to be controlled if ever that you are on dialysis. In doing so, this will surely prevent hyperkalemia, which is a high level of potassium, a common problem for most of the people on dialysis. Moreover, most of the patients also really need to control the sodium or the salt content in their renal diet because of the fact that, this will surely help in maintaining the balance of the fluid in the body in order also to avoid the fluid retention as well as the elevated body pressure. That is why instead of using salt, it would be better if you are going to try mustard garlic, lemon juice and pepper in order to make a meal tastier.