Maintain a Healthy Kidney Diet for Humans

Looking for a good kidney diet for humans? When a person has chronic kidney problems, he should make changes in his diet such as:

  • Selecting low-protein foods
  • Ensuring sufficient calories (if a person is losing weight)
  • Limiting salt, phosphorus, potassium and other electrolytes
  • And when the kidney problem is getting worse, limiting fluid intake.

First of all, a person should make sure that his caloric intake is good enough to keep you healthy and in order to avoid breaking down of body tissues. Ask a health professional about your ideal weight and strive to maintain that weight. Also remember to maintain a good kidney diet for humans.


This is an important part of a good kidney diet for humans. When you have diabetes or have diabetes, you may have to restrict the amount of carbohydrates that you include in your diet. Carbohydrates are good sources of energy for the body. If your physician has advised a low-protein diet, you may have to replace calories taken from protein with other foods such as

  • Fruits, vegetables, grains and bread. These foods can give you energy, vitamins, minerals and also fiber.
  • Honey, hard candies and jelly. If it is needed, you are even allowed to eat desserts known to have high calories such as cakes, pies or cookies. However, you need to avoid desserts made from bananas, chocolates, dairy and nuts.


This is also a fine source of calories. However, you should also ensure that you consume good fats such as canola oil, olive oil and safflower oil in order to safeguard your arteries. Visit your nurse, doctor or dietitian to find out more about cholesterol and fats which may trigger heart problems.


A good kidney diet for humans also calls for low-proteins. People with kidney problems are advised to eat around 8 to 10 ounces of high-protein foods every day. You can also get good protein from protein powders and egg whites.

Phosphorus and Calcium

These two important minerals must be observed closely for a good kidney diet for humans. You should limit your dairy intake which may include yogurt, milk or cheese. Vegetables and fruits also contain small amounts of phosphorus.
In order to maintain calcium in your body, you need to take calcium supplements in order to avoid the development of bone disease.

Sodium or salt

A good kidney diet for humans must also be low in sodium and salt. This way, high blood pressure in kept in check. This also prevents you from becoming thirsty all the time and prevents the body from storing extra fluids. When selecting foods, be sure to read food labels that contain:

  • No salt added
  • Low sodium
  • Sodium-reduced
  • Unsalted

Don’t use salt substitutes since they have potassium. Try to limit the amount of salt when you cook your own food.

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