Kidney Health Supplements

People with kidney problems are interested in learning some kidney health supplements to help alleviate or even cure their illness. Our kidneys play a significant role in cleansing the body of toxins and other waste materials in order to help control blood pressure. According to experts, healthy kidneys are placed at risk when our kidneys experience an injury, damaged by diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes or polluted with various toxic materials from ingested food and fluids. In order to restore and preserve the health of the kidneys, you should incorporate some kidney health supplements into your regimen.
Here are some of them.

Vitamin C

This essential kidney health supplements help the kidneys to function properly and aids in keeping away kidney stones such as urate stones. These stones develop because or uric acid crystals that deposit in the kidneys. Consumption of fruits rich in vitamin C such as grapes, oranges and carrots and consuming vitamin C supplements are helpful in keeping your kidneys healthy.


This is among the few kidney health supplements that should be added into your daily regimen in order to avoid uric acid crystal formation, which triggers the development of gout and kidney stones. Potassium that is contained in lemon juice aids in creating calcium carbonate, a kind of chemical that help in alkalizing the body, neutralizing the body acids. Potassium is one of the many minerals needed by the body and also belongs to the electrolytes group, which is needed in maintaining blood pressure, proper heart functions, and in keeping electrical impulses functioning properly.

Vitamin B

Adding vitamin B into your kidney health supplements and into a balanced diet is significant in keeping away kidney stones from forming. Vitamin B6 is especially helpful for patients with kidney problems. People with a deficiency of such vitamin and shown to have greater risk of developing kidney stones.


Among some of the few kidney health supplements that you should take, l-carnitine must be one of them. This supplement is an amino acid and a health nutrient that can assist the body in converting fat found in the kidneys and liver into energy. This supplement is actually naturally produced by the kidneys and when the organs encounter problems, l-carnitine production may be greatly reduced. Therefore, supplementation is needed for the proper functions of the kidneys.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Organic apple cider vinegar must also be added into your kidney health supplements. Taking it can help your body in keeping a slightly alkaline state. Although it is an acid, it has the capability of creating an alkaline state of the body through neutralizing acids involved in digestion. When the body is at a slightly alkaline state, it is able to keep its good health and proper functions.