Kidney Diet: Control Your Fluid Intake

Kidneys will certainly help in controlling the amount of the fluid that will leaves in your body. If ever that your kidney disease will be progressed, then your kidneys might not also be able to regulate the removal of the fluid that is coming from your body and that as a result, it is for sure that your doctor may also ask you to limit the fluid that you are going to intake mainly because of the fact that, too much fluid might cause swelling as well as shortness of breath or even a high blood pressure, which is not good to be happened to anyone.

What is exactly mean of the fluid? Fluids actually are the food that is liquid or anything that will melts into a liquid. Examples of the fluids include the following:
•    Coffee
•    Tea
•    Sodas
•    Soups
•    Popsicles
•    Ice cream, sherbet
•    Ice cubes
•    Gelatin
•    Milk, liquid creamer
•    Water
•    Wine and beer

If ever that your doctor will be going to advise you to decrease the amount of the fluids that you are going to eat and to drink as well, then the following tips might help you.

  1. You will only have to drink when you are thirsty and do not make drinking out of habit.
  2. You have to eat less salt so that you will also feel less thirsty.
  3. You have to brush your teeth three to four times a day so that you can also prevent your mouth from drying out.
  4. Also, control your blood sugar if you are a diabetic person.
  5. You have to suck on the ice chips and on a lemon wedge as well.
  6. You have to chew sugarless gum or even suck on a sugarless hard candy.
  7. You have to take your medications with sips of fluid.
  8. You have to ask your beverage to served in a size-child glass whenever you are planning to dine out.
  9. You have to measure the amount of fluid of your favorite cup or glass holds so that you will also be able to monitor the amount of fluid that you are drinking.
  10. You have to place the water in the container after measuring the total amount of the fluid that you can possibly drink every day. During the day, it is advisable if you are just only going to drink from the container so you can also keep an eye on the amount of fluid that you have been consume.