Diet for Kidney Disease Patients

A renal diet is basically a kind of diet that is used in optimizing renal function or the function of the kidneys. Because it affects how the kidneys function, a renal diet can be used as both a preventive and curative measure. This makes it highly ideal then for people with or on the road to having renal failure. Renal failure is a medical condition where the kidneys cannot adequately filter waste products and toxins from the blood. There are two forms of renal failure, acute and chronic, and these forms may be caused by a host of health problems or diseases. Renal failure manifests with abnormal levels of fluid in the body, abnormal potassium, phosphate, and calcium levels, deranged acid levels, anemia, and delays in the healing of broken bones. Depending on what caused renal failure too, protein loss or blood loss in the urine may be experienced. Long-term problems with the kidney may aggravate other diseases, weakening the body all the more.

What you can do

If you’re like most people experiencing renal failure, chances are you would have been told by your doctor to prepare yourself to undergo dialysis in a few months. That and take your medication in the hopes that your condition will be alleviated. What your doctor failed to do is tell you specifically the role of a renal diet in your recovery. You can’t exactly blame your doctor though because he might not have any idea to begin with. If this is the case, then you’re surely better off finding a cure yourself. And you might just find that with Kidney Diet Secrets by Rachelle Gordon BSN, RN.

The Kidney Diet Secrets

The Kidney Diet Secrets is an e-book emphasizing on the benefits of having a renal diet. It works in three steps:
1) Assessing your level of disease and treatment;
2) uncovering lifestyle practices responsible for accelerating the decline of your kidneys; and
3) following the renal diet secret.
When you buy the e-book, the Kidney Diet Secret includes: a renal diet workbook that will help you follow the kidney diet secret and making it work with your own choices, schedule, and pacing; the lowdown on the biggest mistakes you are doing everyday that leads to further deterioration for your kidneys; a dialysis diet if you’re already in the advanced stages; a list of vitamins that are actually not good for you; a guide to understanding herbal medicines; 10 items in your house you have to get rid of; and 100 recipes that will nurse your kidneys back to health. You can expect to start feeling better in as little as two weeks on a renal diet with Kidney Diet Secrets.

The guarantee

Say goodbye to painful dialysis and toxic drugs and get your life back with the renal diet Kidney Diet Secrets. You have 60 days to give this e-book a chance to change your life, and should you not be satisfied with the results of this renal diet, should you not see any improvement, you will get a refund. The author of this renal diet will not ask any questions.