The Connection between Renal Diet and Phosphorus

Before planning to make any changes to your diet, it would be better if you were going to make sure first, that you have already discuss it with your doctor or to your dietitians as well so that there will no problem that may possibly arise in the future. In this article, we are going to talk the relationship of the renal diet with the phosphorous and how they are connected with each other.
Phosphorus is a mineral that works with calcium to keep your bones healthy and strong. Phosphorus is needed by the body for building and maintaining bones and teeth and for normal nerve and muscle function. When kidney function declines, the body has a difficult time keeping phosphorus and calcium in balance. As a result of this imbalance, the body cannot get rid of excess phosphorus (phosphorus levels increase) and the body cannot take in enough calcium (calcium levels decrease). To try and correct this imbalance the body will “steal” calcium from the bones, which makes the bones weak. Some of the common problems that is associated with a high level of phosphorous includes as itchy skin, brittle bones and joint pain.

Foods that are high in phosphorus include:
•    Cola Drinks
•    Peanut Butter
•    Cheese
•    Sardines
•    Chicken/beef liver
•    Nuts
•    Caramels
•    Beer
•    Ice Cream

Lower phosphorus food substitutes include:
•    Broccoli
•    Non-dairy milk substitute
•    Sherbet
•    Non-cola soda
•    Zucchini squash
•    Hard Candy

You have to keep in mind that a large serving of low phosphorous food can also become a high phosphorous food.

  • Low phosphorus           0-50 mg or less than 5% Daily Value
  • Medium phosphorus     51-150 mg or 5-15% Daily Value
  • High phosphorus            150 mg or higher or greater than15% Daily Value

If ever that the level of your phosphorous will remains high, then your doctor might also possibly prescribe a phosphate binder in order for you to take. Other than that, this medication also will be bind with the phosphorous in the foods that you are going to eat and also preventing phosphorus from being absorbed in the body. That is why with this, it is very much important that you are going to take this medication as what your doctor had instructed you to do so.